Monday, February 2, 2015

A's Visuality - New Book!

Pictures of my author's proof, which means my new book is done! The book is about two thirds poetry, and the rest is photo plates of two artist's books I made. These artist's books "wrote" the poems in the first section of the book. The second series of poems in the book were made out of the descriptions of paint colors at R&F Handmade Paints, where I've curated the reading series Cadmium Text for many years. 10,000 thanks to Geoffrey Gatza at BlazeVOX Books for generously publishing my new book. And to Carolyn Guinzio, Michael Ruby and Eileen Tabios for adding their lavish comments to the back cover. To Elizabeth Bryant for allowing me to use a terrific author photo she took.  Jenny Fox gifted me with a bottle of handmade walnut ink for some of the images. And to my good friends and family that provide shelter where these things can happen. Pre-orderable from BlazeVOX here