Monday, April 1, 2013

Chisos Basin - 9 Encaustic Monotypes

We went to Big Bend National Park for almost two weeks this past February, and basically, all we did was hike.  The longest hike was up Emory Peak (12.8 miles to about 7,800 feet).  Almost every night, we'd drive up to Terlingua Ghosttown, grab a beer and face east to watch the sunset light up the Chisos Mountains, while all sorts of musicians noodled and sang on the porch.  There were many friendly dogs, lots of tennis balls, and those electric pink mountains.  So today I made a series of encaustic monotypes on Japanese kitakata paper with the Chisos in mind and their dagger yuccas, blind prickly pears, creosote bush, and ocotillo.  Click on the images to see their waxy melodies a little closer.  Viva Terlingua!

 A series of encaustic monotypes on kitakata paper (16" x20")

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