Sunday, August 7, 2011

Untitled BookBoxObject

This piece was made under the tutelage of Kumi Korf, in her class "How to Bind Five Eggs" at the Women's Studio Workshop. Her work in traditional Japanese papermaking, bookmaking and architecture still stuns me. She even studied Japanese papermaking with Timothy Barrett. After teaching the basic form of this unfolding box, and we ran with it.

The bookboards are covered in oilstick monotypes and pages from an old massive dictionary I have from Peter's family that came in sections and is held together with wingnuts. I spend a lot of time in the A's as an autobiographical construct. There are also bits of various artpapers and some small encaustic pieces. And a bulletshell fastener. And ruined carparts. And a typewriter ball dipped in blue paint. Various found objects. The box opens and is without a top so you can look down into the piece. It's almost like a tiny Dadaist stage for unfolding strategies. Maybe that would be a good title.

Untitled BookBoxObject - collage, found objects, encaustic, and oil on bookbinder's board, 5" x 5" x 8 3/4", (late 1990s or early 2000s)


  1. This is absolutely GREAT -- I love the really 3-dimensional quality of how it folds open, unlike a book and unlike a box, or better than either of those kinds of containers.