Monday, July 11, 2011

Untitled Test Piece

Last summer, I was asked to contribute something for a blog started by Nancy Huth to celebrate Geof Huth's 50th birthday. I very happily set out to work on a piece to honor my friend's birthday, but I wasn't sure the idea I had would work, so I made this test piece first out of library cards collaged into a beautiful birch playwood cradled board that Peter made. I covered the cards (which are often relevant to narrative of my life with Peter) in encaustic medium, mocked up a test of the circles in different colors, liked how that was working out, so I scribed the circles into the wax and filled the lines with azure, cadmium green and jaune brillant oil sticks.

Untitled Test Piece - encaustic, oil and collage on wood, 15" x 25", 2010


  1. Ooh, these are gorgeous. Love the map quality to them.

  2. Thanks, Lynnskie! Especially from a map connoisseur like yourself... Sometimes I'm more enchanted by the details picked up by the camera.