Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kyotologic #2 or "Art vs. Handgun"

The whole piece:

Details, top to bottom:

I just sold this piece to friends who live in Florida ("My birthday is coming up and I want THAT encaustic monotype from Anne's studio and I want it wrapped too," she told him). "If you don't want to sell it, them I'm going to buy her a cute little handgun she wants." "You could buy her BOTH the artwork AND the handgun," I countered. I was very entertained that I was having an "art vs. handgun as birthday gift" conversation.

This is one of my favorite pieces from the Kyotologic scrolls. There's something about the calligraphic marks that are a little different from the others, but it's very subtle. Part of me doesn't want to sell it, but part of me thinks it's good to move on.

It was the second scroll I made (out of 27), and it is the exact height of my husband Peter, almost like I was making a portrait. It's done on hosho scroll paper in oil pastel, graphite, sumi ink with celadon and gold oilstick, and graphite grey and encaustic medium.

Kyotologic #2 - encaustic, oil, pastel, ink and graphite on paper, 8" x 72", 2007

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