Monday, July 11, 2011

5x5=25 (or 50)

First I made the untitled test piece of the last post to see how the work would work itself out in preparation for this piece. Nancy Huth asked a bunch of people to help celebrate her husband Geof's 50th birthday, by making something related to the theme: fives 4 five/two-five Geof is a well-known poet and visual poet, so it felt like the charge to make an object for him had a high-bar. It wanted the piece to be as good as I could make it, and also subtle and ghosty.

I began with the library cards, in five vertical columns related to different parts of his life from left to right:

1. We are all born in bureaucratic unknowingness.
2. A stack of "Fancy Nancy" cards to commemorate his life with NF Huth.
3. A stack devoted to children's library books for his life with his two kids.
4. A stack of cards with lovely books titles to show his love of language.
5. Library cards with pale handstamped dates for his birth month.

The cards were collaged on one of Peter's cradled panels, coated with encaustic medium, smeared with white over oilstick gridded and protracted lines, collaged with a thin piece of Japanese paper handprinted with the number 50.

5x5=25(or 50)- encaustic, oil and collage on wood, 15" x 25", 2010

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