Thursday, June 2, 2011

OK Mountain

On May 28, 2011, Steve Cotten, Peter Genovese, Kathleen Gilligan (aka, "Tigger"), our dog Einstein and I hiked from the Tibetan monastery in Woodstock, NY to the Overlook Mountain Firetower. When we stopped to explore the ruins of the Overlook Mountain House, it appeared that there was once an interpretive display about the history of the place, and that display had succumbed to the elements. These photos are from that decay, that display. We saw a timber rattler on our way back down. Kathleen wore a red dress that was vivid against the spring green. It was very humid and the gnats chased us up and down the mountain. In typical Tigger form, her inner compass lead us to the best possible rock ledge - the wind blew away the gnats, the air was cool, and we lounged on the rocks with the Hudson in the distance.

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