Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fear of Pleasure

When I lived in Highland, NY in the 1990s, I lived near a gunclub. On days when it was closed, I'd walk around and collect bullet casings, often leaving them on the railroad tracks at Yelverton's Landing for the trains to deform in interesting ways. I go back later to collect my harvest. I was also learning encaustic painting at Women's Studio Workshop at the time with Laura Moriarty and Cynthia Winika.

This encaustic painting is an early example of my attempts to incorporate text with wax. Fragments of a poem I wrote and wrote over called Microtones (based on bpNichols' Monotones) peer through the red wax. I probably used encaustic medium tinted with alizarin red oilstick and payne's grey. The bullet casings are stuck into the wax. By accident, I let the heat gun linger a second too long over the words "Fear of Pleasure" and it blew those words open. Then I rubbed the whole thing over with gold oilstick.

Fear of Pleasure - encaustic, oil and collage on wood, 12" x 24" (late 90s)